This 420 take a moment of silence for all the people who have had lost their freedom because of non-violent drug charges.

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Went bowling with the fam last night. I love the bond my brother and son have.

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Happy Easter!! 😁😁

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Your all that matters to me…

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Some people exist. I live. (9/30)

Sometimes I get overwhelmed
The air
Escapes my body
Threatening to never come back to me
(I never forget those who have turned their back to me)
And then.. Without my permission
I breathe..
(and forgive)
Some people exist
I live
(To love)
Cloudy eyes
Scared hearts
Tight Hugs
I remember everything you say to me
(Especially the things you think I will forget)
I’ll smile at your beautiful lie
Never bat an eye
Smoothly transition to the next topic.
I let things build up
Like assignments not due until the last day of the semester.
Im excellent when tested
Like Old Testament Esther
Some people exist
I live
(To grow)
Because life goes through cycles
And I’ve lost track of what page i was on
My mind
Always ahead of my body
Innocence gone
Ive evolved how i trust
First instinct
And gut
Got tired of existing
When i found out what i was missing
Was the purist truth ive ever known
They say if you raise your children in the right way
They always find thier way home
It wasn’t enough
for the idea of him to exist
So he lived
And died
He did
So that i too
Could not only exist
but live

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It’s the moments that don’t last long that matter the most.

How I love (2/30)

I only loved you
On my inside & when you weren’t looking
You accepted me
Like a…secret best friends never tell
You learned me
Down to the atoms of my cell
And when I thought I’d burst into tears from being overwhelmed
You showed me your king and offered me a helm
I was afraid to be vulnerable
So you made me strip down bare when we talked
Traced my insecurities
And never penetrated love with the lights off
You were all of my dreams
Forced into reality
I loved the ground you walked upon
The air
that had the pleasure to leave your oral cavity
I said
I only loved you
On my inside
And when you weren’t looking
No wonder.. that when I opened my eyes
I realized
I was dreaming

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It took me 22 years to learn that there are 5 languages of love and ive only mastered 2.

Open letter to Tyrique (my sun): {1/30}

I was broken
With a “no return after purchase” tag hanging from my limb
Like the branches i had to extend
Dont be mad when i try to drop you as far away from this tree as i can
Woe is a girl who is trying to raise A black man
I confess i may not speak your love language
So i apologize in advance
if i don’t give you enough words of affirmation
Your too young to read poetry
and thats the only language that i can speak
At least fluently
to say the least
I hope my acts of services can translate what im trying to be
For you
for me
For what i know as eternity and beyond
Im trying to steer you clear from harm
kendrick jhonson, cj mills, charles waits, oj murdock,trayvon…
Memories and life hardships i want you to learn from
Precious lives with fertile messages i want you to grow from
I spend a lot of quality time creating a path i know you will steer from
Although not physical these are my gifts to you
When you no longer allow me to hold your hand along your path
i hope these words stick to you

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my life!!!!!

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