Everyone around me keeps saying it could be nothing but all I keep hearing is “abnormal cells” and “Cancer”. I cant help but think about the possibility and how i wish i could disappear from this moment in time.



but it’s not about race right?


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A part of me….

Wants to delete the picture..post..ect. But I won’t. Its my history. I don’t regret or have any ill feelings about it.

Morning Chronicles

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Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.


Come back when your ready. If you were ever here. I am. I know I am. He is. He knows I am. I don’t know him. I don’t.

I just..

Need a good nut.

I’ve seen A LOT of references to “black-on-black” crime to dilute the effectiveness of taking a stand against what has happened in #ferguson you can have several 💺💺 now. K. 😊 bye

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I dont want to know happiness without you

You fight for me. Even when Im fighting against you. I was soo mad at you yesterday… I thought you didn’t appreciate me. After talking to you today i see that Im just needy as hell. Even when i was nagging and complaining you still come down to where I was to fix something you didnt know was broken. I am broken. You know that. But you never throw that in my face. You just kiss me and tell me you will fix it. I love you.

You are Black Boy
With flesh and bone
Made of sticks and stones that may very well hurt you
The world wont see you with my eyes
Sweet, honest, full of I am more than my skin
You are different
Not belonging to any land
You carry the presence of a strong man
So people may confuse the feeling of inferiority with fear
See an angry dangerous man in your childhood years
You are not Tyrique
You are Thug
You are Thief
You generalization that puts conscious at ease
Black boy
Told me you were brown
You wore a smile that knew truth
My eyes melted you
You were a snowman wanting to experience summer
And i wanted to be the last person to shed light on you
Winter has always been my favorite season
But your a summer baby so I Understand
I cant stop black boy from being black man
I cant always hold your hand
The ground you walk upon will not always permit you to stand
Or walk
Or whistle
Or play your music as loud as you can
Reach out for help
Or raise your hands
Black boy
You are every reason to want to fight
You are civil rights
We think we cant get
You are
You are
Words that were told could never hurt you
But they did

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Hello love 😊

How do you get your locs to look so perfect?

I really need to check my messages more often! Lol I can’t take any credit. I go to a loctition