If i could choose to to be with anyone i wanted

I have a different connection with him. I am enjoying this journey. Learning him and in turn learning me.

My boyfriend asked who is the best i’ve been with…

Initially i didn’t answer the question because i didn’t want to give an unclear answer or sound cliche.. I thought about it a lot this morning. I haven’t had any bad partners but the best was Maurice (my ex). I came up with this conclusion this morning. he always made me feel sexy..confident and he was assertive. I was/am very self conscious of my body and my abilities sexually and he brought me out of that. (With him) He never let me hide under the covers…he never even let me lay next to him unless i was naked. It was more than sex with him.. Its how he made me feel outside of sex that made the sex even better. Don’t get me wrong cali sex is great. Its just more to sex than the physical act to me.

Not at all. Then all at once. I love. He is mine. As i am his. That’s enough.

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What our love looks like

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Dirty Diana

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My birthday was EVERYTHING & more with the people i cherish the most.

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A personal handwritten letter from Tupac Shakur, while in prison to Angela Ardis, including a very brief autobiography.

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So this morning i took ty out for breakfast…as we were coming out there was this old man asking for money.. The plan was to keep walking until i got to my car..ty walked up to the man and offered him his food. I felt bad and offered to buy the man breakfast. He declined. Stated to me he would be more grateful if i brought him a loaf of bread from the dollar general across from us. He had a list in his hand and allowed me to see it… Sometimes we (esp myself) put in our minds the motives of others w/o knowing the full story. In all honesty their motives shouldn’t matter. Thanking god for blessing me and giving me the ability to give to others. Best $10 ive spent in a long time.

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